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Frequently Asked Questions

What information should I look for to make sure my new rims will fit?

The most important fitment information is the Bolt Pattern, Offset and Center Bore.

The bolt pattern of your car has to match the bolt pattern of the custom rims. The Offset of the new rims should be close to that of your car to prevent steering problems. The Center Bore of the new rims must be the same or larger than that listed for your vehicle to ensure the rims will fit over the wheel's hub.

Where do you recommend I shop for the best price on custom rims?

There are a lot of places to find good custom rims reasonably priced. Many of the Site Sponsors listed on this site offer a wide selection and great prices.

If you are more concerned about saving money, check out your local Craigslist ads.

Also, one of my favorite places to shop for wheels is eBay.

Check out my article on Buying Cheap Rims for more detailed information.

What is so important about “Offset”?

Offset tells you the distance between the rim's mounting surface and center line. An offset of 0 to 15mm is typically referred to as a Low Positive offset. Offset of 15mm to 25mm is typically referred to as a Medium Positive offset. Offset of 35mm to 55mm is typically called a High Positive offset.

The offset also tells your how far the rim's mounting surface is from the vehicle's fender. Low Positive offset is further from the rim, High Positive offset is the closest.

Most front wheel drive cars have a High Positive offset. Most rear wheel drives have a Low Positive offset.

If you make the mistake of putting High Positive offset wheels on a car that should have a Low Positive offset rim, or vice versa, your wheels will either rub the inside fender well, or stick out from the fender. Either case will most likely cause steering problems, and even worse, make your ride look ridiculous.

Check out the Measuring Offset Page for more information.

Since rim width is so important when buying custom rims, how can I find my OE rim width?

The easiest way to find your OE (original equipment) rim and tire sizes is to look in your door jamb or glove box. There you should find a factory sticker listing your ride's OE information.

Check out the OEM Tire and Rim Page for more information.

Why is my vehicle not listed on here?

Sorry for the inconvenience. I have tried to list the most popular makes and models. Please use the Contact Us Page to send me the year, make and model of your ride and I will add it to my list of requested vehicles.

Why are older vehicles not listed?

Again, sorry for the inconvenience, but older models are not listed simply because there is not a large demand for it yet. Please use the Contact Us Page to send me the year, make and model of your ride and I will add it to my list of requested vehicles.

Are there other vehicles with the same bolt pattern as my ride?

Sure there are, unless you drive a Smart car. You should find the information you are looking for by using the Reverse Search or the Side-by-Side Search features that have been added to the site.

Have a question that's not listed here? Use the Contact Us page to send it to me.