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Vehicle bolt patterns and other fitment data…

…is crucial information you must have before purchasing custom rims for your automobile. provides a free bolt pattern guide for you to look up your automobile’s fitment information so you can buy custom rims that bolt up properly.

Bolt pattern, lug pattern, PCD, or bolt circle refers to the diameter of an imaginary circle formed by the centers of the lugs on your automobile’s wheel. Bolt patterns may contain 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 holes or studs.

About the New Site…

For the past year, you’ve been sending requests for features you would like to see added to, and I’ve been listening! The new site has incorporated all the features and bolt pattern information from previous versions and added a few extras. I’m proud to launch this site with the following updates:

  • Reverse Search (Search by Bolt Pattern)
  • Gas Mileage Listings
  • Updated Tech Tips
  • Updated FAQ
  • Additional Makes (Oldsmobile)
  • Center Bore & Lug Size Info

I’ve worked hard to keep this site user-friendly. To use the bolt pattern guide you still don’t have to sign-up or sign-in, just use the site and enjoy the free fitment information.

How to Use the Bolt Pattern Guide…

The bolt pattern consists of two numbers and looks like this (5×4.50) – the first number in this example “5” indicates how many bolt holes or studs are on the vehicle, the other number “4.50” describes the diameter of the circle formed by those “5” holes or studs in either inch or millimeter units (4.50 is inches). Another example: a bolt pattern of 4×100 indicates a pattern with 4 lugs on a circle with a diameter of 100mm. For your convenience, I have listed bolt patterns in the chart in both millimeters and inches. If you have questions, please visit the DIY and FAQ pages where you will find a lot of additional bolt pattern and fitment information.

Good luck in your search for custom rims that will make your ride more enjoyable. I hope this free bolt pattern guide is helpful in your search.